• $25K Grand Prize
    Winners Announced
    Reducing Our Risk: Innovation for Disaster Preparation
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    Reducing Our Risk

    Congratulations to all our finalists and winners.

  • $20K Grand Prize
    Winners Announced
    Adapting to a Changing Environment: How are communities around the world adapting to their changing environments? 
    Adapting to a Changing Environment

    Adapting to a Changing Environment surfaced locally-driven, nature-based solutions that are helping communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

  • $20K Prize & National Geographic Video
    Winners Announced
    Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries: How are global communities restoring their near-shore fisheries?
    Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries

    The first Solution Search contest, sponsored by Rare and National Geographic, sought demonstrated proven solutions that benefit coastal communities and marin


The Power of Solutions

Why reinvent the wheel? Solutions exist to many of the world's most pressing conservation challenges. Solution Search holds prize competitions to find them so you don't have to.

Phase 1. Launch

Solution Search prepares to launch a competition and address another critical conservation challenge. The contest assembles partners, judges and other key stakeholders as it nears entry opening.

Phase 2. Enter

Organizations enter a contest showcasing their solution to the given challenge. Entrants provide critical information about their proven successes and how that approach has impacted environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Phase 3. Vote

After an expert judging panel narrows the field to ten, people from around the world can read, analyze and ultimately vote on the submission that they feel best addresses the contest issue. These votes select the winner!

Phase 4. Promote

The celebration begins as winners are announced. But after the confetti settles is when the real change happens. Other communities across the globe will read, understand and work to replicate the solution to address a similar problem in their community.

Contests: Finding a Solution That Works For You


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